Mission and Vision

Broker Official’s vision for the future is to become the worldwide leader in trading Forex/CFD. We believe this can only be done using long lasting client partnerships trough mutual trust and benefit. Broker Official’s vision consists of education and assisting its clients to become profitable traders. If the client reaches his goals, then Broker Official was successful in implementing its vision.


Broker Official’s mission is to provide its client’s with all the tools they need to become the best trader they can. Our mission is constantly reflected in all of our work. Our mission is always on our schedule, with milestones being reached constantly in every department at Broker Official.


We at Broker Official provide our costumers with a big variety of online trading instruments. Having the best talents from the industry in our team, allows us to complete our main objective which is advancing our clients trading capabilities by passing years of experience and wide knowledge of our team members . Most importantly, we are committed to our clients success and stability.

We work endlessly to educate, adding and perfecting our education material so our clients enter the markets with the most accurate and useful knowledge. Whether they are professional traders in need of improvement in very specific areas or beginners who are eager to learn the basics, Broker Official makes sure all of its clients have the education they need to succeed.

The professional traders and the once who are new to online trading. We work on making our trading platform as user-friendly as possible; therefore our technological department developed the mobile friendly applications, available in the AppStore and GooglePlay. Our X department continuously adds new assets that our costumers will have a larger variety of assets to trade on. We are very proud of our analytic department which works 24/7 on analyzing the markets and providing our brokers with the most accurate indicates of the financial markets across the world.